Info for Newcomers

We want you to feel immediately at home at Trinity, and hope this information about our morning worship will help.  11:30 a.m. every Sunday year-round.

What will I find when I enter Trinity?  You will be warmly welcomed by our greeters when you enter the church,  They will provide you with a printed Order of Service, and can answer any questions you might have.  There will be a Prayer Request list there; do enter the first name of anyone you would like to be named in the Prayers of the People.

Where should I sit?  Please choose whatever pew you wish.

How do I follow the service?  You will find two books in your pew – a hymn book and The Book of Alternative Services.  The hymn numbers also appear on the board at the front by the organ.  Your Order of Service will list the pages in The Book of Alternative Services for each part of the service.  Our rector, or the lay leader, will remind us of the page we are on throughout the service. Don’t worry if you lose your spot! The service is equally lovely for listening.

Is kneeling required?  Not at all!  Please kneel or sit as you are comfortable throughout the service.  You will see differing choices throughout the congregation.

What is Eucharist? Eucharist is simply the formal name for Communion.  The service includes Communion whenever our rector is with us.  We take communion at the altar rail.  If you prefer to receive the elements in your pew, just let a greeter know, or the neighbour in your pew.  You may choose to drink directly from the cup, or dip your wafer in the wine.  The Anglican Church invites all baptized Christians, of any denomination, to partake of Communion.  If you prefer to receive a blessing instead, simply cross your arms over your chest at the altar rail.

Do people dress formally for church?  Our rector wears the liturgical robes of the church season, but the server and lay readers dress casually.  Our congregation dresses for comfort, so please – come as you are.  In the heat of summer, there are lots of shorts and sleeveless shirts in the congregation.

Are the church buildings accessible?  There is an exterior ramp to the church’s front door.  In the sanctuary, the centre aisle can accommodate a wheelchair; and there is space for a wheelchair in one pew midway down the aisle on the right.  There are two steps from the sanctuary to the communion rail; the rector and sexton are pleased to bring communion to the pew for anyone who so desires.  The church does not have a washroom; and the washroom in the parish hall is on the lower floor, two steps down from ground level.  The upper/main floor of the parish hall is accessible via an outdoor ramp.

What about offering?  There are offering envelopes in the pews which you may use.  Do let one of our greeters know if you would like a supply of envelopes. Tax receipts are provided annually.  Offering is entirely optional!  Just smile at the sidesman during the collection.  Or use the envelope to leave us a note with your thoughts about your experience at Trinity.

After the service?  Our rector will greet you warmly at the door as you leave the sanctuary.  We love to visit outside on pleasant days.  If it is one of the occasions when we have lunch at the Parish Hall, please join us!

Any more questions?  Just ask!