Parish Leadership

  • Rector: Rev. Kendall Reimer-Johnston
  • Organist: Adele Donck
  • Rector’s Warden: Randy Taylor
  • People’s Warden: Stan Rushton
  • Morning Prayer Leaders: Andy Anderson, Stan Rushton, Fred Shelly, Jean Woon
  • Lectors:  Judy Anderson, Adele Donck, Stan Rushton, Fred Shelly, Grace Shelly, Polly Shelly, Heather Taylor, Randy Taylor, Nancy Vince
  • Servers: Andy Anderson, Stan Rushton
  • Synod Delegate: Stan Rushton
  • Treasurer: Heather Taylor
  • Clerk of Vestry: Judy Anderson

Parish Council:  Andy Anderson, Judy Anderson, Margaret Rushton, Stan Rushton, Fred Shelly, David Start, Susan Start,  Heather Taylor, Randy Taylor

Parish Council meets one Sunday each month, September – June, in the Parish Hall, following the morning worship service.  All members of Vestry are most welcome to attend and to bring matters of interest to Parish Council meetings.