Parish Leadership

  • 175th Banner - VerticalRector: Our new Rector arrives in September 2017.
  • Organist: Adele Donck
  • Rector’s Warden: Randy Taylor
  • People’s Warden: Stan Rushton
  • Morning Prayer Leaders: Andy Anderson, Stan Rushton, Fred Shelly, Jean Woon
  • Lectors:  Judy Anderson, Adele Donck, Stan Rushton, Fred Shelly, Grace Shelly, Polly Shelly, Heather Taylor, Randy Taylor, Nancy Vince
  • Servers: Andy Anderson, Stan Rushton
  • Synod Delegate: Stan Rushton
  • Treasurer: Heather Taylor
  • Clerk of Vestry: Judy Anderson

Parish Council:  Andy Anderson, Judy Anderson, Margaret Rushton, Stan Rushton, Fred Shelly, David Start, Susan Start,  Heather Taylor, Randy Taylor

Parish Council meets one Sunday each month, September – June, in the Parish Hall, following the morning worship service.  Check ‘This Month At Trinity’ on our homepage for the date of the next meeting.  All members of Vestry are most welcome to attend and to bring matters of interest to Parish Council meetings.